Sunday Night = Prep Night!

I know it may sound boring, but Sunday night’s I tend to food prep all my lunches for the following week at work. I find it gets me ahead for the week and it’s easier to cook everything in one go. Normally, I will either have fish or chicken, with quinoa/brown rice and vegetables. I’m obsessed with spinach and kale so tend to have lots of green veggies, but really I love any vegetables! I do a big batch and then divide it up! It used to take me quite a while but now I can do a week’s lunches in 45 mins …basically fast food…with a healthy twist!

Now that is complete, I’m going to have 15 minutes of chill time doing yoga…one of my favourite things to do in the world!! I tend to use videos from YouTube and find different ones depending on what part of my body is aching or needs a stretch! My favourite person to follow for yoga inspiration is Tara Stiles. Her videos are amazing. I have been doing them for a year now and just love them, especially the flow yoga videos. So I am going to go and do some now before getting a good night’s sleep before the Monday madness kicks in at school!

I hope you all have had a lovely weekend and have a good start to the week – today I celebrated my Grandad’s 80th birthday and went out for lunch, which was lovely to see my family and enjoy a day out with them.

Speak soon,

Charlotte X

IMG_7920 copy.jpg
Yummy Lunch – cod, quinoa, spinach and feta with a sprinkling of chilli and cumin

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