Bowl for the Soul!


Now I admit this meal looks a little thrown together and if I am honest, it was, however, it was so yummy and that’s why I’ve called it ‘Bowl for the Soul’ as I whipped this together after a bit of a hectic day at work and this worked the trick in making me feel soon much better!


Chicken breast

150g mix of yellow pepper, courgettes and spring onion.

1/2 packet of brown rice

Lettuce of your choice (this one is mini gem)

Seasoning for the chicken (I have used a fajitas spice mix on here but jerk, BBQ, peri peri etc would all work just as well).

How to make:

In a pan, fry the seasoned chicken strips, using a bit of fry light oil. Add your veggies and mix together until cooked through. Then add the brown rice and mix all of the ingredients through.

Serve with a salad and sprinkling of chilli flakes if you like an extra kick!

Hopefully you will love this as much as I do…Bowl for the Soul! X



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