Living for the Weekend! 

It’s nearly been a week since posting my last blog as it’s been a busy week with work. I had a feeling that it would be tricky to fit in my blog around my busy work schedule, however I’m determined to fit this in! 

This week it’s been manic at work! Many teachers will understand my pain at the moment, teaching year 2 and going through preparation for moderation and observations to gain fully qualified status coming to the end of my NQT year (thank goodness!) However, I am nearly there and feeling more motivated knowing that there are only 5 weeks to go until Summer holiday fun where I can chill, bake, cook and gym everyday! Eeee!!!

This weekend has been super duper! I spent it drinking far too much gin and bubbles, laughing and loosing money on horse racing…but it was completely worth it and such a lovely weekend at Ascot! It’s back to normality tomorrow and hoping to post a few more recipes on here tonight, so I will keep you all posted! 

Charlotte X


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