Spicy Prawn Fajita Boats

IMG_0021This makes a lovely and refreshing lunch or light dinner – perfect on a hot day, unfortunately we aren’t getting many of those at the moment in England, however… we can be hopeful and I’m ready with this recipe when the sun shines!


Raw prawns

Fajita seasoning mix

Mini gem lettuce

For salad mix: cucumber, grated carrot, red pepper and sweetcorn.

Sprinkling of feta cheese

How to prepare:

Place the prawns in a grill pan, sprinkling with fajita seasoning and leave to chargrill until cooked through. You shouldn’t need to use any oil etc if using a non-stick pan but if I was to use oil it would be coconut or light spray oil.

Whilst the prawns are cooking through, you can prepare the salad mix by chopping the above ingredients and mix together in a bowl.

Place the lettuce leaves on your plate, and fill the lettuce boats with the chopped salad mix. Then add the cooked prawns and sprinkle the feta cheese on top of the fajitas and that’s it… spicy prawn fajita boats.

If you wanted to make this more substantial, why not add some brown rice to the boats for a more filling but nutritious version?!

Yum Yum in my tum!





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