Crunchy Crab Canape Bites

James and I love eating and entertaining with family and friends and when trying to be good food wise, I always try to experiment with healthier alternatives. However, life is all about balance and enjoying special times with others and enjoying the occasional treats. My perfect night entertaining has to involve several different nibbles to begin…I always over do it, however, it’s better to have too much than too little, right?!!

These canapes were absolutely delicious. Crab is something that I don’t eat too often as it is a speciality and I know it is tricky to find, but if you are fortunate to get some crab, then I would recommend this recipe. As well as a perfect canape, this would make a gorgeous lunch with a salad on a summer’s day!

What do you need?

White crab meat

1/2 red chilli, chopped thinly

Zest of a lime

Drizzle of olive oil

Bread of your choice – here I have used gluten free, however, you could use sourdough, brown/white baguette or just any you prefer really! It could even work on a bilini…YUM!

How to prepare:

Admittedly, we did buy the white crab meat already prepared for ease. Pop this into a bowl, with the chopped chilli and the lime zest and gently mix together. Toast the bread of your choice after slicing into small canape-sized bites. Then spoon the crab mixture on top of the toasts and there you have it! If you wish, you could also put a drizzle of olive oil on the toasts prior to putting the crab on, but this is up to you.

Hope you and your guests enjoy! X

image2 (2)


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