Surviving my NQT year!

I can’t believe it, but I have nearly completed my NQT year! I am teaching year 2 in a lovely, small village primary school in Shropshire. I would be telling a few fibs if I was to say that this year had been easy! Honestly, it has been incredibly challenging, tough and a lot of hard work, getting to grips with the new curriculum, new assessment methods, SATs and moderation in a year 2 class, however the end is nearly here and hopefully, after my last observation next week, I will be nearly fully qualified! Phew!

I attended an NQT course today and during the day, we shared our techniques on time management and developing an effective work-life balance, needless to say, most attendees didn’t have a balance at all and this is one of the main pressures I find in this career, especially when being new to the career.

This is one of the main reasons I decided to start my blog. For the past 2 years, during my training and NQT year, I have devoted every evening and most of the weekend to the career, which I have enjoyed doing, however, I think it is so important to make time for yourself and hence why I am actively writing my blog to give me an additional focus. Whilst working very hard over the last 2 years, I have also tried my best to maintain this healthy life-style and I really do feel that this has helped me survive my first year! Eating healthily and exercising always makes me feel better and most people think I am mad getting up and going to the gym at 6am, however, it makes me feel so much better and productive and ready to tackle whatever the day (or children!) throws at me.

So hopefully, for all you wonderful teachers out there..I hope that my blog provides you with some ideas to do outside of the career, whether that be trying a new healthy recipe, fitness idea or one of the ultimate treat bakes after a hectic day in the classroom!!

We can do this!!

Love from, Miss Norcliffe 🙂


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