All Hail the Kale!


Here is a recipe for a lunch or dinner – I had this for dinner tonight before tackling a big pile of English marking! It’s safe to say, it set me up well for the mission!

I know I must sound bonkers but I LOVE kale! So I made sure I had lots of it tonight!

To make this glory bowl, you will need:

Kale, wonderful kale!

A little brocoli

1/4 red pepper

Brown rice (from microwavable packet)

Chicken Breast

Paprika and lemon juice (to season the chicken)


Season the chicken with a little paprika and char grill – add your broccoli to the pan as well to let that cook through too.

Whilst you are waiting for the chicken to cook, in  bowl or on a plate, pop in your kale. I enjoy kale raw but I know this isn’t for everyone, so I would zap it in the microwave to heat it up slightly if you prefer.

Chop the red pepper and combine with the kale.

Heat the brown rice in the microwave and once ready, mix it with the kale mix.

Once the chicken is nearly ready, squeeze lemon juice over it 🙂

Add your chicken to the mix and enjoy!!! I was so sad once this was over!!



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