Cheat Night!

After 9 weeks of clean eating and following my exercise plan, I had a cheat night on Saturday, enjoying one of my favourite restaurants in the area – The Peach Tree, in Shrewsbury. I always love it here whatever I tend to have but my ultimate meal is the salmon dish on the main menu. I can’t tell you how delicious it is – all I can say is…if you live locally…you need to try it! I had a slightly tweaked version as I’m not too keen on noodles so I had it with a salad and acorn buttered vegetables, which were AMAZING! The salmon has a miso dressing which is just incredible! I cannot wait to go again! For starters, I had houmous (one of my fave foods ever!) and well….it was so good!

I’m back on the healthy eating and exercise now, just had my favourite of chicken, spring greens and brown rice, whilst nibbling on 90% Lindt after a very big day at work!

Hope you are all having a good week so far X


My Ultimate Dinner



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