The Power of Walking!

When I was younger and even into my teens, I used to find walking soooo boring! Now…I crave it most days! I think as I am now a grown up (oh no!) and in a real job, you begin to miss fresh air and appreciate the simple things and now.. well, I love walking!

Walking briskly is a great way to burn fat and get cardio in and it’s such a lovely way to do so, especially if it’s a warm day. I walk as quickly as I can and ignore all strange looks from onlookers and just get in my zone! I make sure my heart rate is to 70% of my maximum and keep it at this for about 40 minutes. To help me track this, I wear a heart rate monitor (Polar) and a watch (also Polar) and this helps me throughout the workout. I swear my by monitor in all of my workouts to help me make sure I’m always getting the most out of what I am doing.

If I could I would walk everyday, but unfortunately teaching doesn’t allow for this haha, so I tend to do cardio twice a week and normally one of these sessions is a power walk, either outside or in the gym, on the treadmill, on a good incline. Doing it on an incline really gets your heart racing and you can feel the burn in your booty!

Next time it’s a nice day, embrace it and give it a go 🙂 I tend to do my cardio fasted, first thing in the morning, but whatever works for your schedule.

Enjoy X



One thought on “The Power of Walking!

  1. I walk a lot and tend to get a lot of strange looks from people as I don’t have a dog. Earlier this year I passed a guy and his dog on one of my favourite routes and he said to me “Are you going a walk without a dog?!!” as if you can only walk with an animal by your side! 🙂

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