Greek Salad

We hosted a BBQ and Pizza making party on the weekend and as I love salads, I thought I would make a few salads to add to accompany the meats! 

Here is the Greek salad recipe. I must admit, my brother, Ollie, made this for me under instruction as I was making fruit kebabs (recipe coming soon)!!! It is so simple and easy to make and so so satisfying. It is one of my fave salads and just reminds me of being on holiday in Greece! 

All you need is…

Cherry tomatoes,chopped in half

Feta cheese, cubed

Red onion, thinly sliced

Cucumber, chopped

Black olives

Sprinkling of Greek salad seasoning (I got this from Greece last time I went, however it is basically oregano, dill and parsley)

Salt and pepper 

Dash of lemon juice

To make:

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and season with herbs and lemon juice and there you have it, an amazing Greek salad…YUM! 


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