My 8-week fitness plan results

I have been following an 8-week diet and exercise plan, designed by Adam Parr, over the last 8 weeks. I have trained really hard and stuck to the meal plan as much as I could and I am really surprised by the results. I could feel a difference each week but when you compare the beginning to the end, it’s good to see your personal progress you are making.

When I first started the plan, Adam looked at my diet and exercise and I was doing too much exercise and under-eating. Therefore, my plan allowed me to eat more (amazing!) and to exercise wisely, doing the correct exercises, at the right tempo and making sure I rest too (something I am not the best at doing!) I have really enjoyed the plan, focusing mainly on weight training and I am still carrying on with the eating and just making sure I relax at the weekend and introduce my favourite foods and treats in too, as it is now for me about sustaining but also making sure I get the balance right and let my hair down too at times.

I feel so much stronger, healthier and happier too 🙂





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