Gluten Free Hawaiian Party Themed Cupcakes

Last week we celebrated 2 of my lovely friend’s birthday and they had a Hawaiian themed party! What better excuse to bake some cupcakes and have a bit of an experiment with the decorating! I love baking and unfortunately don’t have a lot of spare time to do it, however, when I do bake, I love it!!!

As my friend is gluten free, I made these cupcakes gluten free. They taste exactly the same, promise!

I used this recipe to make the cupcakes: gluten free vanilla cupcakes

I then used this recipe to make the butter icing and added different food colourings to 3 batches.

For the decorations:

I used brown sugar to create the sand effect, however, you could also do it by crumbling a cake and baking it for a few minutes in the oven to make the crumbs crispy 🙂

I then used cocktail umbrella accessories and I made the flip flops using ready to roll icing.

These were so fun to make, by no means perfect, but I just love experimenting and having a go! The most important thing is that they were tasty!

Hope you enjoy making and tasting them (and throwing a Hawaiian party…any excuse!)





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