The Power of Protein

At the moment, I have just started a new exercise plan from Adam James Parr. I completed my first 8 week plan with Adam recently and have continued with another plan as the results were great and I really enjoyed doing it. I am currently weight training 6 days a week aiming to keep building lean muscle. Therefore, as I am training regularly, I need to make sure I am feeding my little muscles and do this through lots of protein.

When I first started gaining an interest in health and fitness, a protein shake was something that I found really difficult to introduce into my diet because I cannot stand milk and a shake just reminds me of a milkshake! However, I have overcome this fear by discovering the amazing range of flavours at My Protein. I am currently using the sticky toffee pudding and golden syrup flavours, which are incredible!!!  I have my protein shake as my mid-morning snack, simply mixed with water. When I am at home and having a shake, I add ice to this too as I love a really cold protein shake!

I can’t wait to keep trying the different flavours! I also make sure I have protein with every other meal too, whether that be eggs, fish or white meat.





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