Getting Organised! 

On a previous post, I mentioned how on a Sunday I like to get organised for the week ahead and make sure I have all food in for the week and prep the meals I can do! I tend to prep breakfasts, snacks and lunches for my boyfriend and myself up to Wednesday. To help get organised, I received this amazing planner for my birthday from James’ Mum (she knows me well!!) as I have an obsession with watermelon so this planner couldn’t be more me! 

Getting organised is one of those things that at first may seem like a chore, however, it soon just becomes part of your routine and really is the key to keeping you on track throughout the week. 

I thought I would share this planner with you. It’s from Paperchase and is so good to help plan weekly meals and make shopping lists and keep it all in one place! 

As well as a planner, to help get organised, I would strongly recommend buying lots of tupperwares so you can prep several meals ahead and just store them in the fridge ready to take out on the day! 

Hope this is helpful 🙂 


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