Summer Nights!

Yay! Summer holidays are finally here for me after a long year completing my NQT year! It is such a strange feeling knowing I now have 6 weeks off! YIPPPEEEE!!!

Last night, James and I went to Birmingham and had a lovely night out for drinks and dinner at The Mailbox to celebrate me completing my NQT year. It was so nice to be able to have a few relaxed drinks outside in the summer evening sunshine! When I go out, my fave drink is either a gin and soda with fresh lime or a yummy glass of prosecco! Last night, I just stuck to gin and soda to try and be as good as possible!

My Beaut and I!!


For dinner, we went to an American Diner type restaurant, called the Rub and Smokehouse, which admittedly, probably wasn’t one of my favourite restaurants, however, I actually really enjoyed my main meal, which was a BBQ rub chicken with spring greens and corn on the cob!!

Enjoying a guilt free gin!

This morning, we both went to the hotel gym and trained (shoulders and arms) together which was really fun! We had the gym to ourselves for most of the time too – bonus!! After lots of holiday shopping, we treated ourselves to Bill’s Restaurant for lunch, which is one of my favourites! I had the feta and watermelon salad to start, followed by the superfood kale salad with extra ‘mojo’ chicken, which was sooooo tasty!!!!

As we had a little cheat last night (which I LOVED btw) I thought I should try to be extra good tonight and try to hold back on the carbs for dinner, so I had this delight below…chargrilled harissa chicken, with grilled med veg! YUM YUM YUM!!!! I topped this delight with watercress, which adds a lovely peppery and refreshing taste.

Harissa Chicken and Med Veg Plate

I’m currently sipping on my fave, green tea with lemon, catching up on my guilty pleasure, Big Brother, looking forward to a cardio, chest and back day tomorrow 🙂

Charlotte X



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