LVL Lashes 

I am making the most of my summer holidays by treating myself to a few nice beauty treatments! Today I tried LVL Lashes at my local salon. I had never heard of it until the other week and was really excited to try this. It’s basically a treatment where your eyelashes are tinted and permed so they appear curled and longer. 

I am so pleased with the results! I have included a picture below of my before and after. The after picture is without any eye make up on at all! Next week I am off on holiday and it will be perfect for a natural daytime look. 

The treatment itself lasted about 40 minutes and was very relaxing! You have to sit with your eyes closed for the whole treatment, what’s not to like??! 

The treatment lasts for 8 weeks, so I’m looking forward to wearing less mascara for a while during the Summer days! 

Really pleased with the treatment and would highly recommend it 🙂 

Before and After LVL

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