Protein Icecream

If I am honest, I’m not really a fan of icecream (I don’t like cream or milk!!) so it’s not ideal for me, but my boyfriend asked if I could try and make some healthy icecream! Mission accepted! So I set off to find a simple recipe that would satisfy James’ sweet tooth! 

I used this recipe from to make the icecream and used My Protein Vanilla Cookie flavored protein instead of the flavour stated in the recipe. It is so easy to make, you just need to make sure you make it in the morning and on a day when you are home as it needs churning every hour for 4 hours 🙂 

This icecream would be great with fruit or the My Protein Syrups. I actually made it and used it in a healthy(ish) maxibon recipe – soon to make its way to the blog!! 

We have bought a range of protein flavours recently, like sticky toffee pudding – imagine that in an icecream! Perfect for these summer days!! 


Combing the protein with the yoghurt
Try to split the mixture thinly so it sets faster


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