My Classroom Organisation

Getting ready for the new school year is a BIG job, but luckily, I am very fortunate to have the best team of teaching assistants to help. We spent the last week getting everything (well as much as possible) sorted for September. I like to freshen up all the display boards and reading areas etc and move things around a little bit.

Most of my colleagues will agree that I am sometimes a little too organised with my classroom (I’m not organised in my private life!!) but at work I like to be as organised as possible and having a tidy and well resourced classroom makes everyone’s job easier when teaching.

So I thought I would share some of my classroom with you, both previous boards/areas from this year (year 2)  and my ideas for the following year (mixed year 2 and 3). It’s important to add, none of this would be possible without my subscription to – a fantastic resource for teachers, that definitely makes life ALOT easier!

Welcome to Class 3!

These are the self-assessment piles used at the end of some lessons for children to put their work/book on to let me know how they found the lesson. In addition to this method, I also use smiley faces in books and general questioning at the end of the lesson to assess children’s understanding.

img_8905This was how I set up my classroom door at the beginning of the year using work from the transition day. Half way through the year, I updated it to become a class photo door using lots of photos of the children from lessons and events, for confidentiality reasons, I haven’t uploaded this picture, however, I turned the door into a big college and the children loved looking at the photos!

Favourite section of the Class…. The Reading Corner!

This is one section of our reading corner. It is organised by book type by using colour coded stickers which the children are aware of. They maintain the organisation of it making sure books get put back in the correct section! They love this job and it makes it so organised and helps them to understand the different genres of books.

This is a picture of the whole reading area. I have recently had a new bookcase so this has meant that I can display more books and make more of the reading area itself. I think it’s really important to have an inviting area for children to want to read in so I am hoping this is a hit with the children! The bookcase is filled with lovely Roald Dahl quotes, reading comprehension dice and a selection of books for the children. I shall keep adding to this throughout the year I am sure, but I am hoping that, similar to our other bookcase, the children will keep this tidy too 🙂 We can hope!




As there is such a big push for SPAG, I made a big SPAG display board for the children to refer to. I found this very useful and so did the children, therefore I am keeping this up next year too.

I have also made a common exception word brick wall (from Twinkl) to help the children refer to these and hopefully learn the spellings as again, there is such a push on this.

Common Exception Word Brick Wall

Below is a picture of the VCOP display I use to help children use a range of conjunctions in their writing. This is recently new to my displays, but since creating it, the children really enjoy using it and often refer to ‘the sunflower’ to help them, therefore (using a conjunction there for all my teacher friends!!) I have decided to keep it up for next year too.

VCOP Conjunctions


Class Dojo

In the classroom, I use Class Dojo as a behaviour management system, which the children really enjoy using and it’s so easy to use as a teacher! I saw a fabulous idea on a forum recently, where someone has kindly made Class Dojo Karate themed goals and this gave me a great idea to use in the classroom. Each child has a counter with their name on it and they start on the top. They then get to move their counter along the steps, achieving different coloured belts as they go along. They will receive a certificate each time and a BIG prize at the end, if they get there!!

class dojo
Class Dojo Steps to Success!

General Display/Resource Ideas

Another display that I have in the classroom is ‘The Out of This World Work’ display. I use this to showcase the children’s work in ANY subjects, which are personally out of this world! I photocopy the work, mount it and add it to the display. The children love this and love achieving ‘Out of this World’. I used Twinkl’s display banner and planets dangling from the pipes to make the display look like a planet in another universe! The children love touching the pink as you can imagine as it is a shiny material!

image4 (2)
Out of This World Display

I spent last night making the resource below, you should have seen the mess I was making in the lounge! However, it was worth it as I am really pleased with the results and I am hoping they will be useful for the children. I have created table top helpers for the children to access in English lessons to upstage their vocabulary, help with spellings and remind them of SPAG terminology with examples. Each table top is differentiated for different groups, for example, some of the children still covering phonics have key graphemes in from certain phases, rather than more of a push on upstaging vocabulary. As we go through the year, I shall add more to each group and add helpful hints if some children need more helpful reminders. I used to have them in a box on each table, but the boxes kept tipping over so thought I would try this way, which I saw whilst in another school recently, so I magpied the fantastic idea! It’s all about sharing in teaching isn’t it and I am hoping some of you may find at least some of these ideas helpful.

Table Top Help
table top help
An example of inside the table top help files


table top 2
Made using a ring binder turned inside out, hole punched and attached with string to make it balance. 

Just to finish this rather long post (sorry) I have popped some of my general classroom displays I have created throughout the year. I am a little annoyed with myself for not taking more pictures of my displays as I have done so many more that I haven’t taken pictures of, but I shall just remember to do this this year! I like to make my displays as interactive as possible and do this by using the Aurasma App which is great for using digital content on displays. If you want more details, just pop a comment below and I can explain more about it as it is a great app!

Colourful year 2 classroom!:
General Display


Spelling Working Wall – Updated each week with the focus rule. 
Year 2 Early finishers/Challenge area:
Challenge Area for Early finishes/Choose Time/Wet Play
image5 (2)
Australia Topic Display Board
image6 (3)
Castles Topic Display Board

I hope you have found this post useful in helping to give you a few ideas for the coming year and hope you are all enjoying the holidays 🙂

Charlotte X



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  1. Your classroom looks fab! There’s some great ideas here which I will definitely be “borrowing!”. I’d really love to see more of what you have inside your table top help binders. Think they would be very useful in my classroom.

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