O.M.G Omelette 

I love eggs so much, I literally wake up thinking about breakfast straight away and what types of eggs I am going to have! However, eggs are not just for breaky! You could eat them for lunch and dinner too – AMAZING!! This omelette could be eaten at any meal time – I had this for dinner so I added more vegetables etc, but you can adapt to suit your preferences. 


O.M.G Omelette

2 eggs 

1 egg white

cherry tomatoes

red onion


smoked salmon

feta cheese


avocado (optional)


chilli flakes

To Make:

I use a non stick pan to make my omelettes and therefore to keep it healthier, don’t need to use any oil. Before beginning, pop on your grill to get heated up!

Simply crack your eggs and egg white in a jug and whisk together. If you are extra hungry, you could add extra egg whites too. In the pan, pop in your onion and mushrooms and fry until golden, using a little fry light spray if you wish but you don’t reallly need it in a non stick pan. Then add the salmon, sprinkling of tumeric and tomatoes and warm up for about 1 minute. At this stage add the eggs to the pan and mix all ingredients together. Also add spinach now. Let the omelette cook through in the pan until it begins to feel firmer on the sides. Now is the time to add the feta,YUM, by just crumbling over the top of the omelette (if you prefer other cheese then use that instead – I just use feta as I am obsessed with it!)

Now you are ready to put the omelette under the grill. I tend to do this just for a few minutes but I know some people prefer their eggs cooked different. Personally I like mine cooked well so tend to make sure they are super firm before removing from the grill. 

Once it is ready, slide onto a large plate and serve with a generous handful of spinach and avocado if you like . I like my avocado with lots of pepper and chilli flakes on. 

Then you are ready to enjoy this omelette delight! O.M.G it’s yummy!!! 

Charlotte X


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