Strong is the new skinny! 

I never thought for one moment that I would see myself in the weight section of the gym more so than the cardio section! Now I spend 6 sessions a week doing weights, pumping iron! Haha! And…I absolutely love it! Over the last few years I have incorporated more and more weights into my routines, but only properly following a set program since starting Adam Parr’s fitness plans in April this year. 

It’s true what the experts say…lifting weights as a women, will not make you bulky! I have noticed such changes in my body, becoming leaner and dropping in body weight since lifting weights. I also find it a great challenge and love trying to beat last week’s workout by adding more weight or reps. 

At the moment, I complete 6 sessions a week. 2 legs, 2 arms and shoulders and 2 back and chest and I am exhausted at the end of each session! I find it really useful to print off my programme and take it into the gym and record what weight I am using each time, it makes it so much easier than trying to remember when you lifted last week etc (even if you do look a bit of a nerd, but there’s nothing wrong with that!) 

In the picture below, you will see my water bottle filled with what looks like squash. It’s filled with BCAA powder from MyProtein (tropical storm flavour) and I have 5grams of this in workout with every workout to help increase my lean muscle mass. It is soooo delicious! I have also tried the Berry Blast flavour and would also recommend this . 

My little paper and me!

I would strongly recommend introducing weights if you don’t do so already, it’s a great challenge and you will see results, both physically and mentally.Personally, I feel so positive towards my exercise now. I was over exercising before starting Adam’s plan doing more cardio than I needed, now I have more focused goals and have never been happier and more confident. Never did I ever feel that I would be happy in a bikini (and I am not saying it’s perfect) but for me, where I am at the moment, balancing living life, my career and fitness, I am happy with what I have achieved and have learnt to appreciate my body 🙂 

Learning to appreciate and love myself!

So go for it, try lifting, even if it is little amounts. Everyone starts somewhere and  a little bit goes a long way 🙂 

Happy working out everyone X


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