Discovering a Gem! 

It’s been a few weeks since my last post as I have been on holiday to Greece, which was BLISS! I will be doing a few posts about the holiday as it was so lovely and I want to share some of our experiences 🙂 However, this weekend, we have been in London, having a weekend of eating, discovering new places. 

Yesterday, we decided to explore Shoreditch, an area that I haven’t really been to before. It was full of quirky shops and places to eat and I found a hidden gem and probably the most perfect shop for me! The shop was called T2 and was a shop…absolutely…full…of…. TEA! The flavours were amazing and the choice was incredible! The shop was packed full of flavours from ceiling to the floor! I was in heaven and had to refrain myself from spending a small fortune on tea! 

Tea glorious tea!!

After much deliberation and delicious sampling, I chose rose flavored tea and also, watermelon sorbet flavour! I could have gone crazy! One of the samples in the shop was a rose flavored iced tea, so I’m going to try making that with the new flavour and I can’t wait!! I will share my recipe with you all 🙂 

For all you tea lovers out there, I would strongly recommend visiting their shops if you are in London (they have several all over) or pop over to their Instagram page or website. You won’t regret it! T2’s website link

What a shop!

Charlotte X


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