Rose and Apple Green Tea

I posted yesterday about my discovery of T2, the most amazing tea shop ever! I bought the rose tea and couldn’t wait to try making an iced tea today so thought I would share the recipe with you! 

I used T2’s just rose tea and mixed it with Whittard’s Apple and elderflower loose tea. Just look at the rose tea! How beautiful is it??!! 

Too pretty to drink!

Using 2 tea infusers, I placed the 2 flavours in 2 separate infusers and popped into a big jug. I then poured over plenty of boiling water and left to infuse for a good ten minutes with half a lemon and lime sliced up into the jug. Keep stirring to let the flavours mix together. When it looks and smells AMAZING, add lots of ice to cool it and then serve! 

Loose Leaf Tea infuser

It is so delicious! I made a huge jug and have been drinking it all evening!

So Refreshing!

Enjoy! X


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