Lomax Training

When visiting London this weekend, I wanted to incorporate a visit to Lomax to train. Lomax is a bespoke nutrition and well-being centre and offers PT, classes and a gym. I have been wanting to try here for so long seeing lots of instagram posts about the gym, I was intrigued and like trying something new, especially when it’s fitness related!

James and I went together and shared a workout pod, which was £10 for an hour. Each pod has a bench and bar and you can help yourself to the full range of equipment around the gym during your session.

We were the only ones in our section so it was great as we could use the full range of weights and extra equipment etc.

It was great to try somewhere new to workout and what’s best is that after your workout you can go and have a healthy breakfast in the cafe downstairs! I had 2 poached eggs on rye bread with spinach, which was just needed after a heavy legs session and morning run! James had a protein shake, with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, which was also really good.

It’s so good to have somewhere like this where all the food is healthy – I wish we had one in Shropshire! It was also great to workout whilst away as you then can enjoy more meals out guilt free!

The delicious food menu, the pod area and me stretching out after that leg sesh!!!

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