Goodness Plate!

Gosh, it has been a few weeks since my last post, I’m sorry! I have been a busy bee with work and finding it very tricky to blog in the evenings, however, this evening I am going to do one post! It’s a recipe for a lunch that I had on Saturday, which helped to get me through a day of planning and marking (the joys of teaching). However, it was made much more enjoyable by this plate of goodness.

To some, this may seem like the most strange combination of foods, and, to be honest, it is! However, it works and helps to just make you feel like you are eating health on a plate and helps to get through all the work!! So what is on the plate??!

In a frying pan, using a few sprays of fry light, I fried chicken breast, asparagus, sprouts and red peppers. I love frying sprouts as it keeps them crunchy rather than boiling them. As a seasoning, I used Sainsbury’s Sumac spice, which adds a lovely kick to the meal.

I served it with iceberg lettuce, quinoa (cooked in lemon and cumin) and feta cheese.

It was sooooo yummy!

I often do meals like this, where I throw everything together in a pan, vegetables and a healthy protein source and serve it with a seasoning and it is really yummy and versatile way to get your five a day.

Hope you enjoy as much as me!

More recipes to come soon I promise! X




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