Keep Calm..Eat More Veg! 

Over the last few weeks, I have had a particularly stressful time at work (hence my lack of blog posts, sorry!) However, every evening, I looked forward to coming home and cooking something yummy, even if it is a quick weekday meal. 

Last night, I whipped up this delicious delight to help warm my soul after another busy day 🙂 It may sound silly, but it really does make me so happy eating healthily, eating lots of vegetables, feeding my soul :)))) 

So I whipped up a Korean spiced chicken breast (oven baked) and served it with cauliflower rice, butternut squash noodles (both from Aldi! I was so excited when I found these in Aldi the other day!!) I also fried (in fry light spray) celery, aubergine and asparagus. I love veg, can you tell??!! No carbs for me tonight with this meal, as I had a dessert of porridge hehehe! Yes, I have the appetite of a small horse! 

Hope you gain some inspiration and try some of these vegetable combos to warm you up on these cold evenings ! X

A Full Plate of Goodness!!

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