Hen Party Shortbread Hearts

I’m doing a few cheeky baking posts at the moment as the other week was a special person’s Hen Party and I had the pleasure of doing the baking for it! I love baking, so I had planned all sorts of yummy treats for the goody bags that we gave to each Hen who attended the weekend of fun!

I use a very trustworthy recipe for my shortbread biscuits from a book called ‘What to bake and How to bake it’ by Jane Hornby (I think I may have posted a link to the book in a previous post) but here it is again just incase: Click here for the book!

The shortbread is just so yummy and light. I absolutely love making these (and eating the raw mixture I have to admit!)

When following the recipe in the book, I do tweak a few things. When making shortbread using a cookie cutter, I have learnt from several attempts, that the best thing to do is to make the shortbread and then cut your shapes and then place in the fridge for as long as possible, up to 2 hours. This will make sure the shortbread stays in the shape of the desired cutter you have used. Depending on your oven, I tend to put mine on 160 degrees and bake for about 20 minutes, checking regularly but it does change each time really and I just keep checking until they go slightly golden.

Leave to cool for a while before icing. I used royal icing, mixed with water and then sprinkled with some girly sparkles!

Luckily the Hen’s loved them and I also made some in the shape of engagement rings, however, I can’t find a picture of them sorry! I shall upload it if I come across one!




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