Sunday Afternoon Baking

Good Evening 🙂

It’s a rare occasion I have time on a Sunday afternoon to bake so I embraced it! We had some freshly picked apples which needed using so I decided to make some yummy apple cupcakes and then a batch of vanilla cupcakes.

Below is a picture of finished cakes and I shall attach the links to the recipes I used. I haven’t tried the apple cupcake recipe before and I was really pleased with them, so juicy, light and delicious.

Here are the links to the recipes I used:

Apple Cupcakes

The link is actually taken from Flora’s website, but I didn’t have any Flora, so instead I just used regular unsalted butter. Hope you enjoy baking and eating them!

Vanilla Cupcakes

I always use this recipe for my cupcakes, its a very trust worthy one and always produces lovely, light cupcakes 🙂

Happy Baking Everyone!!! X

A cheeky close up of the scrummy apple cakes
Vanilla Cupcakes and Apple Cupcakes



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