Christmas Pudding Crispy Cakes

At Christmas I love to bake some treats for the family to enjoy and this year I saw this recipe and really wanted to try it. It was so quick and easy to do and is a hit with all ages.

I actually used a youtube video to follow the instructions to this recipe.

Click here for the direct link

The only thing I did differently was that I doubled the recipe quantities to make a bigger batch.

I made the holly leaves using a holly icing cutter and green ready to roll icing and rolled the red berries myself using red ready to roll icing. I would recommend making these a day in advance to ensure they dry thoroughly.

I hope you enjoy making these – they are perfect to make with children as they are very simple, just try not to eat the whole batch in one go…it’s hard not to!! You could tweak the icing decorations for different events – for example Easter, using a bunny cutter or balloons for a birthday party.

Make sure you store in a tupperware and consume within 3 days (they probably won’t last this long if your family is anything like ours!!)

Happy baking and eating! X

The icing after it is cut and left the dry out. 


Leave to set in the fridge before decorating with chocolate. 
Line a mug with a piping bag and pour the white chocolate into the piping bag. Then cut a small hole in the end of the bag and begin to coat each pudding. 
Place the icing on to of the chocolate and leave to set in the fridge. 
And enjoy!!!!

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