Tea for 2 and 2 for tea!

Good evening everyone,

Back in the summer, I posted a blog on a hidden gem in London that I found. It was like walking into a shop of treasure for me! I had found T2… a shop full of incredible flavours of loose leaf tea. Since discovering the gem, I have been collecting flavours and at Christmas I was spoilt with more delicious flavours by my boyfriend who knows the way to my heart!

I thought I would share some of the flavours below for you to try if you like. These are all green ones – they are amazing! I would recommend the sencha peach flavour (I’m currently sipping on this as we speak!) and the mango is lovvveeelllyy!! I try lots of different teas and love them all, but T2 teas are so delicious!

I have just bought a new teapot too especially for loose leaf tea and I will post the link to this below. It’s a perfect sized teapot for about 2 cups of tea and is from Lakeland. Alternatively, you can use a tea strainer, it’s up to you, I just think it tastes yummier from the teapot, but that’s just me!


I would recommend a little slice of lemon in your tea as well, it makes it that little bit sweeter and detoxifying after a busy day.

Enjoy – it’s perfect to enjoy with your feet up or with friends (although you might not want to share it!!!)


Just some of the collection!

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