Happiness on a plate!

Scrambled eggs used to be my ultimate fave type of eggs, now I think I have a new winner! Poached and boiled are now taking over! As you can see below, I couldn’t decide what type of egg I wanted, so I had both! Why not?!

I have 3 eggs (1 poached and 2 hard boiled), with 2 turkey rashers, spinach and rye bread. I love rye bread! This rye bread is the dutch style rye bread, it is firmer and has more of a bread like consistency than other rye breads, which are often German style. I really enjoy them both but just like to alternate between the different types to keep it varied.

This is a delicious breakfast, packed full of protein, healthy fats and carbs to keep you nice and full. YUM YUM YUM!




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