Lean Turkey and Veggie Delight!

This is a recipe for a quick, easy and healthy dinner idea, which is perfect if you want a clean, balanced and tasty plate of food!

Now my family will tell you, mince and I, in the past, have never been friends! I really don’t like eating red meat (only because of the taste of it) and mince for me, of any kind, used to remind me too shepherds pie or cottage pie, which is my nightmare of a meal! However, this week, I tried turkey mince for the first time and I really enjoyed it! So I had it for dinner 3 nights in a row!!! So I thought I would share one of the evening meals with you.

This was really yummy and literally took 10 minutes at the most to make. Eating healthily does not have to take ages to prepare and I promise isn’t boring! I love making my meals tasty and will post the recipe meal and include one of my favourite secret ingredients I also use to give my meals that extra kick!!


125g lean turkey mince (I use the less than 2% fat mince from Sainsburys).

30g spinach

50g courgette

50g sprouts, cut in half.

50g chestnut mushrooms

80g brown rice packet

Chipotle Chilli flakes (Sainsburys)

Pepper to season

Secret Ingredient – Nando’s Sauce – Medium Flavour


Using a medium sized frying pan, pop some fry light spray into the pan. Once heated up, add your turkey mince. Season with pepper. Start to add your veggies in (except the mushrooms and spinach). Keep frying until all cooked through. Add the mushrooms last. Meanwhile, heat the rice in the microwave. When the rice is ready, you are good to plate up!

Serve on a big plate, you will need space for all the veggies! I like to eat my spinach raw, so I pop this on the plate first, then my rice and then top with all the other ingredients from the pan. Sprinkle with some chilli flakes – yum yum yum!

I also use Nando’s sauce on the side to give it a little more of a kick too! The macros on this sauce are really good and it adds so much flavour so I tend to use this a lot on my meals.

Charlotte X




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