My New Toy….. A Kitchen Aid!!!

I was extremely surprised and delighted on Christmas morning when I opened an amazing gift…..a kitchen aid!!!!! I LOVE baking and this is the ultimate baking and cooking piece of equipment. It will make everything so much easier! As well as baking and cooking, you can also spiralize vegetables using the spiralizing extension!!! It’s all VERY exciting!

So obviously, the first thing I needed to try was courgetti! Using the extension, it was so easy to make the courgetti. I will include a recipe below for a plate of green goodness that I made with the spiralizer. I can’t wait to try more vegetables. Next, I am going to try boodles (butternut squash noodles!) so I will share a recipe on that for you once I have tried this, probably this weekend.

So, here is the spiralizer in action using the extension. It has so many different functions so you can choose how thick or thin you would like your vegetables spiralized. I chose a medium thickness for the courgetti. As you can see it just attaches to end of the machine.


I made this delightful green plate of goodness with the courgetti. I just fancied something lean and clean. I shall include the ingredients below for you 🙂


150g chicken breast – griddled in the George Foreman grill (another one of my fave cooking toys!)

Korean Seasoning (for the chicken)

100g courgetti

50g broccoli

Sprinkling of basil

25g soft goats cheese


Simply grill the chicken breast and whilst doing this, boil the broccoli in a pan for just a few minutes, careful not to over cook this. When the chicken is cooked, pop the courgetti in the microwave to heat through for 1 minute 30 seconds. Plate up and sprinkle with goats cheese and basil. Enjoy 🙂



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