Golden syrup, toffee and chocolate flavoured oats!! 


 Yes you heard it correctly! Golden syrup, toffee and chocolate flavoured oats! How can this be healthy you may be thinking??! I shall share my secrets with you! As some of you may have seen in my previous posts, I am a protein oats fan and flavour my oats using mainly MyProtein Impact whey. This recipe uses golden syrup flavoured protein. To get the toffee flavour, I used toffee flavoured MyProtein Flavdrops (they are incredible – you need to try!). They give it a lovely sweet flavour and the chocolate is my favourite Cocoa Plus. For Valetines, Cocoa Plus have limited edition protein chocolate hearts with only 29 calories per heart!! 

So here is the recipe for all you oat lovers out there. You may also notice I have a new bowl, especially for oats!! I made this at a recent Ladies Night of painting and gosh it was fun creating our own masterpieces! I made an oat porridge bowl (shock) and a dipping dish for veggies and houmous or my frozen berries and jelly concoction, which I am yet to share with you! 


50g Quaker Oats

Half teaspoon of baking powder

6g of Sukrin Coconut flour

25g protein powder (I used golden syrup whey from MyProtein) 

Toffee Flavdrops

Cocoa Plus Chocolate to decorate 


Mix the oats, baking powder and coconut flour together in a large dish. Add boiling water so that it covers the mixture with just a little extra water on top too. Pop in the microwave for 1.5 minutes and then stir. Keep repeating this until it reaches your desired consistency (I do this approximately 3 times). Then add your protein, it will thicken the mixture even more now. And there you go – the yuumiest, guilt free bowl ever!!! 


The finished bowl before the flavdrops!
Turn the bowl over and…..

Me with my finished bowls (before glazing)

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