Simple is the best! 

Some evenings I just want clean, healthy food (well most evenings actually!!) I don’t know why, but I just love it and really enjoy eating this type of food and getting all my vegetables, carbs and proteins together and making a satisfying, balanced and tasty meal.

This is a meal I will often have on a weekday night. It takes me minutes to whip up and can be tweaked to your liking by swapping the vegetables or the carb source to maybe a sweet potato or quinoa.

Here I have 2% fat lean turkey mince, fried with a little Cajun seasoning, Tilda roasted vegetable whole grain rice, green vegetables (steamed) and cauliflower rice. It’s so simple and easy to make by just throwing together and then seasoning with chilli or any spices you like! I can’t help but not have my favouring Cholula or Nando’s sauce on the mince too (my fave!!). There we have it – a simple dinner that is whipped up in a few minutes and tastes gorgeous!! Couldn’t help but not serve it on my favourite heart plate too, it is actually a serving platter but it fits my dinner portions perfectly!! I don’t do small meals hehe! A girl’s gotta eat!!

Simply the best!

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