Brilliant Banana Loaf

I love to bake, especially now I have my new Kitchen Aid as it makes baking sooooo much easier and cleaner!! So now I have no excuses to need more people to bake for so I can keep trying new recipes in the mixer!

I had some over ripe bananas that needed using the other day and therefore I decided to try a new recipe for a banana loaf. I followed this recipe from the BBC Good Food website and it made a delicious loaf! I doubled the recipe to make two cakes.

The only thing I didn’t do was to ice the top of the loaf – I kept it simple this time and plain and it was still very nice, however, next time I think I will ice the top of the loaf. I also added some chocolate chips to the mixture to create a little extra suprise in the cake and it went down a treat!

Hope you enjoy making and eating this loaf – perfect for a Sunday afternoon with a lovely cup of tea (or coffee or your fave tipple!)

Happy Baking! Charlotte X


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