Crunchy Chocolate Cookies

Sunday baking time and this week it was cookies that I fancied making! I have been trying different recipes in my Kitchen Aid and wanted to try cookies. I still can’t believe how much easier it is to bake with the Kitchen Aid – I’m already excited for this weekend’s bake (I wonder what it might be?!!)

Anyway, I digress! For this week’s bake, I found a really easy recipe online and used this to make chocolatey cookies. It was a great recipe, that was simple and easy to follow and I made the cookies in about 30 minutes, so if you are pushed for time this is a great one to try. I made them for family and work friends to try and they went down a treat 🙂

Here is the recipe I followed:

Cookie Time!!!!

I hope you have fun baking and eating them. You could add in any extra ingredients you like – I did want to add in white chocolate chip cookies, however I didn’t have any, nightmare!  Dried fruit and nuts would work really well too! Up to you to create your own taste sensations!

Happy Baking friends!


Make sure you leave enough space on the baking tray for your cookies to expand when baking.

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