Tuna Goodness Bowl

I thought I would share with you one of my favourite meals that I cook at home. I don’t cook it often as tuna isn’t the most ecomomical source of food and is more of a treat, however, it is important to enjoy what you eat, treat yourself a little and I do LOVE a tuna steak! 

I simply grill the tuna, just searing it so that it is still pink with a little seasoning of pepper. Whilst I am doing that I prepare all my veggies for the bowl! I throw in any vegetables I have in the cupboard at the time, which normally includes celery, kale, peppers, spinach, tender stem broccoli, anything really! I either have them raw as a salad (with a lemon and apple cider vinegar dressing) but mostly I like to fry the veg in a pan with a little fry light and chili and then pop all the ingredients together to make a goodness bowl. I enjoy this with either brown rice or quinoa and mix this into the vegetables. You could serve with roasted sweet potatoes or new potatoes, whichever you prefer but I am a huge rice fan so tend to eat that mostly if I am honest. 

This takes about 15 minutes to prep and cook in total, it’s so quick. I just try not to eat it too quickly so that it lasts as long a possible! 

Enjoy 🙂 

P.S. Whilst writing this post, I have had a thought! Now that summer is on it’s way, I will do this meal but instead of grilling in a pan, I will grill on the BBQ! Eeeeee too excited!!! Bring on some sun! X


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