Vanilla Birthday Cupcakes

Here is s recipe for my Vanilla Cupcakes with Raspberry icing and white chocolate hearts 🙂 
I made these cakes for my mum as a birthday treat. I was making them mid week in the evenings after work, so needed a recipe and design that was relatively easy and not too time consuming. Baking doesn’t have to take hours and it’s just finding recipes and designs that are easy for you to fit in around busy lifestyles. 

I used a cupcake base that I tend to use for all my baking – I think I have posted this before, but will paste the link below to the cupcake and icing recipe I tend to stick to. I find this a trustworthy and always reliable recipe to follow. 
Cupcake Recipe 🍰
When it comes to the icing, I use my kitchen aid to whip the icing for as long as possible to make it super light and whippy and just add a food colouring of choice, depending on my design. 

For the chocolate heart toppers, I use an ice tray mould and simply pour melted white chocolate into the moulds and pop in the fridge to set for a few hours and then you simply place on top of the piped icing. These are a really easy gift to do as well, melting different types of chocolate and using different ice moulds and then popping into little presentation bags with a nice ribbon to tie it all together (just a thought there as I was writing!). 

So once you have made your cakes and left to set, you are then good to pipe the icing and decorate as you wish! 

Yummy yum yum 🙂 


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