My Breakfast of Dreams!

I LOVE BREAKFAST!!!! I really do and especially on the weekend when I am not eating it out of a tupperware! I love to have a delicious breakfast with a green tea whilst watching Saturday Morning Kitchen after a good run! It sounds sad but I like to start my weekends like that and then spend the rest of the days doing whatever spontaneous activity for that day, anyway, I am going off track a little there! Here is my go to breakfast nearly every day (even out of a tupperware) unless it is leg day and it will be a huge bowl of protein porridge! YUM! I just simply change up my eggs so I will have poached or scrambled and when it’s a work day I make it the night before so it is all prepped for the following day. The only egg I don’t like is fried eggs – not too keen on them but I am working on it!!!

Now that asparagus is in season, I wanted to have dippy eggs with fresh asparagus. I simply boiled the asparagus for a few minutes and also boiled my eggs at the same time, for approximately 5 minutes. I love dippy eggs so if you prefer them I little harder, I would recommend 6-7 minutes, depending on if your eggs are stored in the fridge or not.

I have got this with rye bread soldiers (I love bread!!!) grilled mushrooms, fresh cherry tomatoes and a handful of spinach. I actually had another 2 boiled eggs (egg white only) but they didn’t look quite as good in the picture so I ate them on the side haha! Honesty is the best policy hey?!!

I hope you enjoy as much as I do! I’m already dreaming of my breakfast tomorrow – it’s leg day so I think it may have to be chocolate brownie porridge!!! YAY!!!

Have a great Sunday X



3 thoughts on “My Breakfast of Dreams!

  1. Looks yummy Charlotte. It’s bread we miss most, what’s the best bread to have when you’re on a weight loss endeavour? Keep posting, love seeing all your ideas..


    1. aww thank you Kerry 🙂 I use the Kellerman Rye bread which I get in Sainsburys but I also buy the Schwar gluten free wholesome loaf, from the Co-op, which is really nice. I would also recommend the BeFree wraps (from Sainsbury’s or Tescos. They are sweet potato ones and are really yummy if you like a wrap or sandwich 🙂 Hope this is helpful xx


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