Summery Slushes

Now that we are getting closer to Summer, I have started to experiment with a few more summery drinks. People who know me, know that I drink ALOT of water and when it gets hotter, I love to try new drinks to make the water really refreshing.

For my birthday recently, I was lucky enough to get a new Magic Bullet Blender – which is amazing I must add! So I am using this to try out new drinks.

The first one is a fresh lemon and mint iced slush. This is perfect for summer and detoxifying too 🙂

Here are the ingredients to whizz up this little treat in less than 5 mins:

Half a lemon (no skin)



Fresh Mint

How to make:

Place all your ingredients in a blender (except the mint)- if you like it colder and more slushy, add more ice than water. Whizz up until you have reached your desired consistency and then serve in your fave glass and garnish with some fresh mint and voila…..there you have it! I was also thinking, if you are entertaining and fancy making an alcoholic version, you could add vodka, rum or gin to the mix too and this would work nicely!!

The second recipe is for a BCAA Slush and here is the recipe for this one. BCAA are perfect for muscle recovery when you are training, especially weight training. I always take some intra training but I also enjoy them as I drink anytime, as they are really refreshing. I get mine from MyProtein and they do a range of delicious flavours.

Berry Blast BCAA Slush Ingredients:

5g of BCAA Powder



How to make:

Put all the ingredients in a blender and whizz up! Its easy, peasy, lemon squeezy!

Enjoy – now let’s hope for a summery Summer!! X




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