My Fave Snack!

I must admit, this looks worse than it tastes! It tastes…soooooo good and I have this everyday either for a PM snack or a pudding 🙂 You could also have it for breakfast too, whatever floats your boat!!!

It’s so easy to make and can be tweaked so you can top it with lots of different things. This is 0% Fage greek yoghurt, with crushed Kallo rice cakes mixed in and drizzled with toffee MyProtein Flavdrops. I also mix in sugar free jelly, frozen berries, Kallo rice krispies or dark chocolate depending on how I feel and how many macros I have left for the day 🙂 You could also top with peanut butter, I personally don’t as I think I am the only person who hates it! If you have protein goals to hit, you can also mix in protein powder to create a fluffier mix, this is really yummy too, especially using flavoured ones!

I love this snack so much, it is my favourite so I do tend to save as many macros as possible to make it the biggest bowl of dessert at the end of a busy day!

Hope you enjoy making this messy bowl of deliciousness!


Don’t judge a book by it’s cover!!!

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