King Prawn Summery Salad

I had this for lunch today as a weekend treat. We used raw king prawns and simple vegetables to create a super tasty salad, all whipped up in about 5 minutes! I promise I am not exaggerating!


Half a pack of raw king prawns

fresh chilli/chilli flakes

1 clove of garlic

A few sprays of fry light cooking spray




25g feta cheese

Teaspoon of capers

To make the dressing:

Lemon juice

1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar

black pepper

To Make:

Firstly prepare your salad. You can really add anything you like here.

Heat the fry light in a pan and add the garlic and chilli and brown. Then add the prawns and keep stirring until cooked through.

Add your prawns to your salad and there you have it.

A super easy, healthy and tasty lunch.

You could have this with quinoa or rice too – I didn’t today, only as I am trying to save lots of carbs for a big dinner!!!

Summery Salad Feels

Enjoy, C x



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