Egg-Quisite Omelette (Sorry not Sorry!)

As I have made it very clear in my previous egg related posts, I LOVE EGGS!!! I like to try different ways to have my eggs in the morning and tonight I made my tomorrow’s breakfast and decided to have an omelette. I always make my breaky the night before ready for my post workout scoff as I find this saves me lots of time and ensures I am all prepped for the following day.

So here it is, my omelette breaky 🙂

This is 2 eggs and 160 grams of Bulk Powders Egg Whites

A handful of Mushrooms

In a pan, fry the mushrooms in a few sprays of FryLight, and then add the eggs into the pan. Using a spatula, make sure the eggs aren’t sticking to the edge of the pan. I have the pan on a medium heat and just let the egg cook through for a few mins. Whilst you are doing this, heat up the grill. Place your omelette under the grill for about 3 minutes or until the omelette is slightly browned and there you have it 🙂

I have mine with a handful of spinach, avocado and a low carb pita bread which I get from Muscle Food. At the moment, I am carb cycling so I have found these wraps are great on my lower days as they are really yum! This breakfast keeps me full for about 3 hours and that’s a long time for me!

Enjoy – but feel free to add anything into the omelette – turkey rashers are great, as well as Heck Chicken Sausages.

Yum yum yum! Have an egg-cellent day!!!




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