Post Workout Porridge Power

Today it was leg day and what other way to reward yourself with a perfect bowl of protein porridge to feed those muscles after a crazy workout! I love my porridge and experiment with all flavours of protein, but thought I would share today’s with you (yes sometimes I don’t have eggs – just sometimes!) 


60g of oats 

10g sukrin coconut flour

Half teaspoon of baking powder

Chocolate caramel My Protein Whey 25g

Flavdrops – any flavour! 

100g frozen berries 

How to make:

I actually make my porridge the night before. It may sound silly but I love how it gets so thick then and expands in volume! So I mix the oats, baking powder and flour together and cover with hot water. Microwave for 2 mins. Then add a bit more water and microwave again for 1 minute. Take out of the microwave and add your protein. I sometimes add a little more water here too if the mixture seems a little thick as it will thicken more over night. Place in a tupperware and store in the fridge over night. 

When it comes to eating it in the morning, I will most of the time eat it cold but this morning I reheated it for 2 minutes and served with my frozen berries and flavdrops and it was DELICIOUS!!! 

It kept me full for soooo long! The perfect post workout fuel. 

Enjoy! X 


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