Eggylicious Saturday Brunch

It has been a while since my last post, sorry! Summer is always a busy time with lovely holidays and lots of plans, however, this year has been made extra special and exciting as just over 3 weeks ago, my gorgeous boyfriend James proposed whilst we were away in Majorca! So it has been a very busy and fun-filled time since our engagement and I haven’t been blogging, as I have been on another planet of excitement, so I apologise!

I have put a sneaky picture of our engagement below as it was just so amazing I can’t help myself but share it with the world!





So today, I thought I would share my Saturday breakfast with you. Well, it was more like brunch today as by the time I had got round to eating this delight it was 10:30am, but there’s nothing wrong with that on a Saturday morning.

For those of you that have seen some of my previous posts, you will know that eggs are some of my favourite foods and my go to for breakfast!

I am incorporating more fats in my diet at the moment and carb cycling, so today is a higher fat day, with lower carbs. So this breakfast has lots of yummy fats going on and plenty of protein to keep me full and fuel my body as I did do a nice, long run prior to eating this.

What have (or haven’t) I got on my plate today?!



2 eggs (hard boiled today)

2 egg whites


Oven baked mushrooms and asparagus

1 Joseph’s low carb wrap (I buy these from Muscle Food)

Homemade avocado smash

To make the avocado smash:

50g of ripe avocado

Lemon juice


Chilli flakes (optional)

Pop all ingredients in a little dish and mix together until a smooth consistency. Easy, peasy and takes about 2 mins!

And there you have it – my yummy breakfast. This might look big, but I have this for breakfast most days (without the asparagus normally) and change up how I cook my eggs and I absolutely LOVE it and it keeps me full for so long (well until it’s time for yummy scrummy cashews – which I have posted a recipe for in a previous post).

Hope you gain some inspiration for a little bit of Sunday breakfast tomorrow.

I had this with a cup of green tea of course, with today’s choice being a T2 Green Tea Peach, which was amazing.

Happy Saturday everyone!

Charlotte X


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