Easy Peasy Prawn Canapes

These are a very quick and easy nibble to make if you are short on time or just want something to eat quicky, that’s both tasty and healthy. 

I made these last night for James and I and whipped them up in about 5 mins! Here’s how to make them. I apologise in advance that the dips aren’t homemade, but sometimes you don’t need to make everything, especially when the dips are healthy and you just want more of a chill on a Saturday eve! 


Pack of cooked prawns (150g) 

Half a cucumber, chopped into circles

A green pepper, chopped into squares

A Joseph’s Low Carb Pitta (or any wholemeal pitta bread) toasted and cut into squares

Red pepper dip from Aldi and Beetroot and mint dip 

Black pepper to finish 

Squeeze of fresh lemon

How to make: 

Simply take your base, either veggies or pitta and spoon a small amount of dip into the base and place your Prawn on top. Garnish with a twist of ground black pepper and a squeeze of fresh lemon and serve on your favorite canapé plate. We bought this one whilst skiing in France and though it was lovely with all the hearts on and quite suitable for engaged life!! 

Enjoy everybody and happy weekend! 


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