What’s in my Protein and Supplement Cupboard?!!

The Cupboard of Dreams!!!! 

I thought I would do a blog entry on what’s in my cupboard, talking you through the protein and supplements I use and would recommend.

 This cupboard makes me sooooo happy!! I can’t help but just looking in it and deciding what flavour of protein porridge or shake I can come up with next (sad I know!). So I thought I would share a few of my go to faves that I have in the protein and supplement cupboard!

 Protein Powders:

One of my favourite types of protein is the My protein Golden Syrup, most of you will know this is my go to favourite for porridge, shakes and protein ice-cream but sometimes I do branch out and have chocolate brownie! This is also great for making protein porridge.

 Another fave of mine is the Bulkpowder’s chocolate orange protein. This is delicious again in shakes and porridge too.

 When at Body Power this weekend, I won a tub of USN chocolate caramel whey, how lucky was I?!! I have never tried this before, but I will not be going back now! This was amazing – and ridiculously good in porridge. The texture of it is really light and makes perfect porridge . We also made a shake last night, with lots of ice and this gave the perfect consistency to the shake!

 ***General Protein tips***

If you like a thick shake, add ice or frozen fruit to your protein shake and this makes a lovely consistency.


So…now moving to BCCAs. I take these whilst training but also as a drink throughout the day if I am hungry or just want something refreshing, especially when on prep for the photoshoot.

I find the BulkPowders BCAAs soooo good, especially the Watermelon and the Strawberry Daiquiri flavour. Make sure you mix with ice as well as this makes a lovely cold shake and feels quite naughty, when really it’s not! I have also tried the tropical, apple and lime and apple and raspberry, all of which are soooo good!!

MyProtein BCAA– Berry Blast flavour, definiately one of my all time faves!

USN – Watermelon – I tried this at Body Power recently and it is incredible. This does have a little caffeine in it too though, but this is great for me as I don’t drink coffee and for my morning workouts, these are perfect for an extra boost.

Women’s Best Peach Iced Tea BCAA – just amazing!!!! You need to try!

***Top Tip for BCAA***

Lollies: Make up the BCCA as normal, as instructed with water and then pop in to lolly moulds and pop in the freezer ready for a hot day!

Slush Puppy: Mix the BCAA with water and ice in a mixer and blend up. This will give you a lovely, slushy texture, just like a slush puppy!

 Chocolate treats:

My Protein Chocolate Clusters– These are amazing and taste just like crispy cakes. Be warned…don’t open the pack, unless you are prepared to eat the whole thing!

Cocoa Plus  Chocolate – quite frankly amazing. Just wait until you try the milk chocolate version – it’s a game changer! They do different flavours of orange, mint and crisp too and are just delicious. I also find the protein hearts brilliant as they are the perfect on the go snack for your handbag (or pockets if you don’t have a bag!!)

Womens Best Protein Bites – these are perfect nibbles to snack on. I sometimes have one pre-workout in the morning if I train fasted and just need a little something. The macros are so good on them too so sometimes I will have half a pack for a little snack throughout the day, along with all my other snacks haha!

 Protein Bars:

My Number 1 is a Grenade Carb Killa – they are honestly the best! All flavours are amazing but the white chocolate cookie is just soooo good. If you want an extra bit of yumminess, pop the bar in the microwave for 20 seconds and you have the best snack EVER! The cookies and cream bar is also lovely too, but to be honest, you won’t be disappointed with any of the flavours. Just wait until you try the Carb Killa Spread – this is lethal! Once you start, you can’t stop!

I also love the new BulkPowders Macro Munch bars, these are really good. They have only just come out recently and are very nice. I haven’t tried heating these yet, but I imagine these will be good heated up too!

We also have some of the Staxx Bars and the USN protein bars, along with Barebells Bars, which are sooooo good. You must try these if you can!

 General other goodies you will find in the cupboard:

Xanthum Gum – to add to protein to make really thick and gloopy! This is great for making shakes as thick as an ice cream! You simply put water, ice, protein powder and a teaspoon of Xanthum Gum into a blender, whizz up together and enjoy!

USN Energy shots – zero calories in cola and berry flavours to give you a little pre-workout boost.

MyProtein Pancake Mix – we have all the flavours of these and they are so good with great macros. Perfect breakfast for a weekend too with some berries and yoghurt, yummy!

U Fit – Protein Shakes in both higher protein bottles and standard protein macros.

Protein Crisps – These are from My Protein and the BBQ flavour is reallllly good! They are soy snacks and really tasty, low in carbs and fats and good protein macros. These are a great alternative to crisps to get some extra protein in too.

My Protein Flavdrops – these are great to add to porridge, shakes, coffee, protein yoghurts, rice cakes….ANYTHING REALLY! Toffee is the best but they do a great range of flavours now to suit anyone’s taste buds.


I hope you have found this blog post useful and hope it gives you some more ideas and flavours to try out. Protein is so yummy and can be used in so many things!






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