Delicious Dinner

Simple but delicious….

Sometimes simple is the best and this dinner was perfect.


I had an oven baked haddock fillet, with @thegymchef peri peri seasoning, paprika seasoned quinoa, half a bag of @fullgreen.official cauliflower rice and roasted courgette and pepper with some added chilli flakes for a bit of a kick!

The Gym Chef do a range of  great flavoured seasonings, which I picked up recently at The Body Power Expo, but you can also buy on their website from this link: click here to buy the seasonings.
I love eating clean, wholesome foods, especially quinoa. It is one of my favourite carb sources, but it’s also a good protein source too. If you are vegetarian or a vegan, it’s a great food to get in to give you a bit more protein in your diet if you need a little extra. I have found it has taken some time for me to perfect my quinoa cooking skills! I would recommend always rinsing your quinoa in water well before cooking and if you can (if you want to eat it cold) rinsing again after cooking. This just gets rid of any starch and also, I read that this helps to aid digestion, to pre-rinse grains before cooking them.
I don’t use any oil to roast my vegetables (mainly because I am save my fats for some dark @lindt_chocolate for dessert 😋) but you could use a little olive oil if you like to create slightly crispier vegetables.
The macros for this dinner were: Protein 30g, Carbs 28g, Fats 4g.




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