BBQ Dinners

BBQ Dinners


Here is another BBQ meal for you because we are having such lovely evenings, I am able to do lots of summery meals so I thought I would share another one with you!


150g Chicken Breast (chopped into chunks – optional)
1 teaspoon of The Gym Chef Peri Peri seasoning (or you could swap to use any supermarket seasoning, use the lower salt options if possible)
70g Iceberg Lettuce
50g Avocado (sliced)
200g Selection of vegetables to grill on the BBQ (I use courgette and aubergines).
125g Tilda Wholegrain Pilau Rice Pack
1 tsp of wholegrain mustard

To Make:

Whilst your BBQ is heating up, prepare your chicken by seasoning it with the The Gym Chef (or alternative) spice mix. You can also cut and prepare your avocado too and leave in the fridge ready for later. I love to add a little black pepper and lime juice on my avocado, but this is optional.
When your BBQ is up to temperature, you can start cooking the chicken and cook on the BBQ grill until it it browned nicely. At the same time, cook your vegetables too, these won’t take as long as the chicken depending on how ‘cooked’ you like them!
When everything is very nearly ready, pop your rice pack into the microwave to heat for 2 minutes and plate up the lettuce.
Serve up all the ingredients on your plate with a dollop of mustard (I love mustard with chicken!) and enjoy.


If you aren’t a fan of chicken, or are a vegetarian or vegan, who not try these options on the BBQ instead:
Grilled Halloumi
Grilled Tofu
Grilled Prawns
Grilled Lean Steak
Grilled Turkey Steak
Grilled Tuna Steak
The list is endless and I will try to keep more recipes coming your way…….
Hope you are enjoying this Summer weather too! x

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