Summer Nights

Summer Nights!


Now the Summer is finally here, we can enjoy some lovely meals cooked on the BBQ. Eating on the BBQ is such a great way to cook and much healthier than other forms too!
I thought I would share with you one of my favourite meals that I have on a regular basis, that is quick, easy and so healthy too!


150g Chicken Breast
1 teaspoon of The Gym Chef smoke and spice seasoning (or you could swap to use any supermarket seasoning, use the lower salt options if possible)
200g of carrots (chopped, skin on)
150g Butternut Squash Chunks (I buy mine from the frozen veg section)
1 tsp  of Sainsbury’s Zaatar spice mix
200g Selection of vegetables to grill on the BBQ (I use courgette, peppers, mushrooms and red onion).

To Make:

Whilst your BBQ is heating up, prepare your chicken by seasoning it with the The Gym Chef (or alternative) spice mix. Now is the time to also heat your oven to 190 degrees as you will make the ‘chips’ in the oven.
Once the oven is heated up, place the carrots and butternut squash on a baking tray and seasoning with Zaatar and a few sprays of Frylight cooking spray. Place in the oven and leave to cook for 30 minutes.
Whilst the chips are cooking, when your BBQ is up to temperature, you can start cooking the chicken and cook on the BBQ grill until it it browned nicely. At the same time, cook your vegetables too, these won’t take as long as the chicken depending on how ‘cooked’ you like them! I like mine quite al-dente!
Once everything is cooked, you are good to go! Plate up and enjoy, hopefully sat eating it outside too!!
A rainbow on a plate of goodness!

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